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Dental Offices

Tired of Staffing Headaches?
Lack of Sufficient Staff Can Cause:
  • Expensive temp-placement fees
  • Last-minute patient cancellations
  • Increased patient wait times
  • Increased workload for current staff
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Benefits of DENTKWIK:
  • Save thousands of dollars and time
  • Improved relationship with patients
  • Network with high-quality professionals
  • Affordably utilize temps while hiring permanent staff

Dental Professionals

Ready to Take Control of Your Career?
Challenges of Traditional Job Hunting:
  • Difficulty finding work
  • Restrictive staffing contracts
  • Limited access to local job opportunities
Benefits of DENTKWIK:
  • Earn extra cash 
  • Set your own schedule
  • Explore new career paths
  • Meet new people
  • Ability to temp while searching for permanent work
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Hi! I'm Alexis. I've been a dental hygienist for six years. By working both as a temporary and permanent hygienist, I've experienced first-hand how stressful and expensive the staffing process can be for everyone involved.
Everyday I see qualified professionals and time-strapped dental offices like you searching for each other. So using my personal experiences and the frustrations of my dental peers, I created a social network to bridge the gap and incorporated the benefits we need most. So in addition to quickly hiring or finding work, you'll get free access to CE opportunities and other helpful resources to help build great teams and increase productivity. 
I also desire to give back to the people who are often overlooked. So a portion of EACH sale will go directly to providing free dental care to under-served communities.
DENTKWIK is more than an app. When you download DENTKWIK, you join a network of elite professionals who support the greater good.

Match Effortlessly

Download the app and create a profile to start networking and exploring free resources.


Dental offices: Ready to hire? Quickly select your experience and availability needs, and the app will automatically match you to staff who meet the criteria so that you save time searching.


Need help ASAP? Use our "Request" feature to get matched to someone in your area who is available right away.


Create Your Own Schedule

Dental Professionals: You control when you work and how often.

Whether you're looking for permanent work or interested in temping to pick up a few extra days here and there, Dentkwik is for you.

Life happens, update and change your availability in real time as circumstances change.


Simple and Affordable 

Dental Offices and Dental Professionals both join the app and begin networking for FREE.


Dental offices ready to hire pay just one fee to access premium hiring features such as posting jobs, reviewing resumes, messaging and scheduling staff. Hire as much staff as you need for as long as you need for one set price. No Contracts, No Permanent Placement Fees, and No Commission, EVER. This is the most affordable way to utilize temps during the hiring process.


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